Unique AdWords / PPC Competitor Analysis Tool

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What does observads offer?

Share of Advertisers on Selected Search Queries

Hourly Average Position of Advertisers

Number of Unique Ads Detected for Advertisers

Most Detected Ads on Selected Search Queries

How does it work?

Select your queries, pick the target location and specify index interval

Ads indexing starts for the selected queries

Notified when your report is ready in Google Data Studio

Export raw data if you need more details


What does observads offer?

Understand the PPC strategy of your competitors

Learn the moments you can benefit by adjusting bids

Discover your competitors exhausting their daily budget

Get detailed information on the ad texts of competitors

Track the custom offers of your competitors

Create your own custom PPC Competitor Reports

Sample Reports

Collobarative dashboard creation with Google Data Studio


Our pricing is based on $0.002 per 1 SERP delivery. observads aim to deliver more than 2500 SERPs per month.

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How does it work?

After you create and start your campaign, we begin scanning the SERPs (search engine result pages) for the queries you have selected and capture all the detected ads every 15 minutes. We then create your report on Google Data Studio, which will be available to you as a link 24 hours after your campaign has started.

How much does it cost?

We offer a pricing per data delivery. It allows us to create flexibility and only charge you when data which feeds the report delivered.

To make everything simpler, we prices 1 delivery as $0.002. Since, we aim to deliver 2500 SERPs per month for a single query. In observads, monthy cost of a query is only $5.

In brief, you top-up your account and get charged only SERP is delivered to the Data Studio Report.

What’s the source of the data?

We currently scan and deliver results for Google desktop SERPs only. We are planning to make Bing and mobile SERPs an option as well.

How does region targeting works?

When you create your campaign, you need to select your location targeting. At the moment, you can only select a “country” and nothing more granular. Especially in US, we know that states must be added and we’re working on it.

For Turkey and USA, you can directly start your campaigns and report will be ready within a day.

For other countries, you can start your campaigns but we’ll need an extra day to start collecting data. So report will be ready in 2 days.

How to top-up account?

We've an integration with Stripe to make everything seemless and secure. In observads dashboard, there are pre-adjusted packages for you as $5, $25 and $100. If you want an additional option, just shoot a mail to [email protected]

There's no subscription option in observads right now, we're sending a notification at the time you have less than $1 in your account. So, you have in average a day to top-up.

Which account to use for dashboard login?

We don't want to make life harder for you so you can select any of your Google accounts as you wish to login to observads.

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